Happy Mother's Day-A gift from my (not biological) kids

Happy Mother’s Day-A gift from my (not biological) kids

Yikes! 8:25!?  Saturday yoga class starts at 8:30–15 minutes away.

Power-glitch knocked out the alarm clock.  I had been up til 2am for the second day in a row, not to just catch-up, but move forward on those one-fine-day projects.  I admit: I was out of balance and running on fumes.

When I walked in prop-laden at 8:45 (perhaps exceeding the speed limit), my class was practicing Sun Salutations together, coaching each other; calm and happy.  My heart flip-flopped.  It was all so perfect, so sweet.  I snapped photos to remember the moment.

We don’t have to have biological children to receive a gift on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day-We ALL have kids.