More than just a physical practice, yoga is a way of life.  It is an ancient discipline that promotes healing, growth, and transformation. And sometimes, we want more than a periodic group yoga class.  We need a one-on-one with our teacher.

Leena’s YogaLife Coaching and Counseling offers the personal support to connect more deeply to your passion, your heart’s desire which IS God’s will.  She skillfully and compassionately incorporates mind, body and spiritual tools including: Special meditative processes, proven transforming therapeutic tools including teaching in Universal Principles, yoga asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath-work), Ayurveda lifestyle counseling, principled negotiation, non-violent communication and clinical pastoral counseling to reveal, ease and dissolve blocks so that your true calling and voice can bloom. Leena draws on a wealth of life-experience including organization and leadership development consulting and business management.  When necessary, she refers clients to physicians, psychologists, attorneys and other professional support services in a truly holistic collaboration.

  • Career Transition or Crisis
  • Relationship/Family Transition
  • Moving trauma
  • Spiritual Direction/Spiritual Emergence/Spiritual Emergency
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Analysis and Balancing Strategies
  • Crisis Support and Counseling
  • Grief and Bereavement Counseling and Transition
  • Trauma and Post-Trauma release including sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence
  • Developing a daily yoga/meditation practice
  • Leadership development consulting
  • Private and Semi-private yoga:  Exploration of challenging postures, therapeutic yoga, stress-reduction and relaxation