Yoga with Leena 2009 Oak Hill Park


WarriorII_Attitude and Alignment

Leena encourages students to stretch it out in Peaceful Warrior.

After living with debilitating low back pain, I was afraid of my body.  I was scared to do anything for fear of the pain.  I took a leap of faith, and in the fall of 2009 I came to my first yoga class with Leena.  Leena immediately made me feel at ease. The way Leena does yoga isn’t intimidating at all…she makes it accessible and okay to be wherever you’re at both physically and emotionally. The environment she created was a safe place for me to explore movement, and create a new relationship with my body.  I’ve practiced yoga with Leena for 5 years . I still learn something new with each session.  Leena’s classes go way beyond yoga practice.


Last year I felt I needed to work through some personal issues I was struggling with.  I met with Leena for a series of one-to-one sessions. The sessions included lifestyle coaching, visioning, meditation, journaling, and personal discussion. Leena’s unique perspective from her yoga and pastoral training made these sessions trans-formative.  She was able to truly connect my body and mind.

With Leena’s coaching, I learned how to move through discomfort or pain and release it.  I gained clarity in multiple areas of my life that I struggled with for years. The decisions I needed to make came easier, and I was able to stand stronger in those choices. After the series, I felt like I had returned to “me”…my authentic self.

I am now who I was created to be, not the broken person I thought I was. It has allowed a spiritual awakening that continues to grow, and I appreciate the personal support and guidance Leena provides.