BKS Iyengar passed away 8-20-14. Wow…so big…what a Great Soul who opened the door to yoga and yoga asana for EVERY body to millions around the world. He helped us to focus within on so much happening in our body and mind. He helped us to properly align our posture, keep us safe while exploring challenging postures once impossible and certainly discover muscles and tension we did not know we had! Though remembered for asana-postures, he was a student of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Classical Ashtanga (Eight-limbed) yoga.

Ginger Hooven, Master Yoga Teacher at Mount Madonna Center was trained in Iyengar asana before coming to MMC. Amma’s leading Amrita Yoga Instructors with whom I studied in India were students of Master Yogi Iyengar as well. Yoga Journal founder Judith Lasater studied with him in India (and I have studied with her). He not only gave us the “OK” to use props to fit our body and discover the edge of our range of motion, he gave us Restorative Yoga! I surely would not feel capable to teach had it not been for BKS Iyengar’s special gifts to the practice of yoga. I know I can’t do justice to a eulogy…Go with God, Dear Yogi Iyengar. Yogis, please add your comments.

Namaste. Chanting Maha Mritjunjaya Mantra.

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