My cousin Johnny Mastry, an attorney, gave me advise when I was entering college and planning on majoring in accounting. I asked him if maybe there were too many lawyers and accountants. He said: It doesn’t matter. Do what you love because then you learn everything about it. You’ll practice. You will be the best. Then people will hire you because you are the best.

(And they will probably want to work with you because you enjoy what you do and you are inspiring!)

When I worked at a country club teaching yoga, there was a wonderful woman in charge of the janitorial function.  She LOVED cleaning.  She knew exactly how to clean everything.  And she loved things working well so much that, when the club let go of their maintenance manager, she would just take on more and more of the work.  She had a successful side business because all the members hired her to clean their homes.  Her brother had a carpet cleaning business that did well, too.

While I was good at taking tests, and passed all four parts of the CPA exam the first time, I was not happy as an accountant and I was not very good, though the discipline and organizing skills have been helpful throughout my life.  But I love learning how we can consciously evolve and live our best life.  I love singing, dancing, devotion, prayer, spirituality, teaching, healthy living, cooking, yoga practices and leadership.  I love learning how to live my best life and helping others to do so, too.  And I surely love speaking and writing about all these good things!

Cousin Johnny’s advice has stuck with me through the decades.  If we do this, we will be happier and healthier. We will use our special gifts and talents for what we love. We will want to get up in the morning.  Namaste.

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