Sitting: The "smoking" of our generation

Sitting: The “smoking” of our generation

“Sitting has become the smoking of our generation,” says Nilofer Merchant in this TED talk.

In addition to the walk n’ talk, regular yoga helps. These strengthen the posterior and open/release the anterior (front) including: Cobra, Bridge, Locust, Spinx and their restorative versions. The iliacus and psoas major muscles of the hip are so closely related in structure and function that they are often referred to as a single muscle, the iliopsoas. These are the most powerful hip-flexors of the thigh at the hip joint.

What happens when we sit all-day, every-day, year-after-year with a flexed or flacid and shortened iliopsoas, leaning against the back of a chair, slumping over a keyboard or desk? We end up functional cripples with restricted circulation of breath and blood and weak core. We look old and gray before our people do when they smoke…

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